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Play to download, are progressive install better for publisher?

Google for Games Summit unveiled the play as you download exciting feature to get progressive install experience ! This will allow users to play a short version of the game while downloading the content. Following up on progressive web app and instant app, Google is now pushing the mindset to load always faster in store […]

An influencer told me It was the Adventure Capitalist Birthday !

Top of the chart and kind of mythic idle ;  HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY Adventure Capitalist by Hyper Hippo Productions !! It was the anniversary of this mythic app and an influencer told me this ; but how does work influencer marketing? But how do you know It ?  Well, I get it in my calendar. […]

Facebook : the love/hate relationship we have for creative testing.

No matter where you are and who you are ; Facebook is probably in your media mix. With one of the highest reach and maybe the most advanced automation social media platform for deterministic data ; the blue one is definitely a powerful channel you will need to master in order to find and keep […]

PART 1 : Influencer in User acquisition ; how to begin ?

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Influencer marketing for performance in gaming, let’s make it REAL. ( PART 1.) A LOT are speaking about It but this new buzzword of influence marketing seems actually quite mysterious ! In this article I hope this will demystify what is actually the continuity of affiliation marketing but … for apps and on social media. […]