Gaming Wordcross : MonGamer in South Korea

Creating an app can sometimes be challenging. However, I am deeply convince anyone can do anything if they access knowledge and are just motivated enough to achieve It. That’s actually how I had the crazy idea to create MYFOOTBALLEUZE back in the days to create my first gaming app during the WOMEN WW cup of cross words to make people know the name of the player. I then, created a lot more just on ideas and assumptions that failed. 

When you think about it, it was and still is nothing impressive. I do not think It was a success, It was actually several failures for several reasons but I wish people more often trust their instincts and just follow their vision. The discoveries I made into the project was amazing and even if it costs me a bit of money ; I won’t regret to have tried. 

Claire Rozain Gaming

I am often seeing the same people trying the same things that represent THEM without thinking about the end user, minorities or any audience that is not penetrated yet. But what if this time it could be you, you could make the game that people are going to play and enjoy.

I am a huge gaming app fan ; I think I have reached a point where I have more games on my phone that I ever had. Outside of lowering my battery level It also showed me games are not always as inclusive as I wished. 

As amazing as some games are too often I am surprise simulation games tells story where I do not fit in or my friends left hand are just not able to play some games because of lack of UI inclusion. I am not even speaking about the games where you can not even choose if you prefer to be a men or a women character and can only choose between 20 different men to represent yourself. 

My point is, if you have an idea test it ! Make the gaming space yours because your unicity and what you are can bring so much to a lot of player out there.  I decided to share the data from my past entrepreneurship days prior I even worked for Game advertiser to hopefully open your curiosity and push you to do It your own way ! 

  1. MONGAMER in South Korea ! 
  1. Concept : 

In few words :

Crossword the name of your favorit Games ! 

Main Pillar : 

Solve Puzzle


Challenge your Core Gaming culture 

Game core loop : 

  1. Choose a Game Genre (RPG, Strategy, Fantasy etc.)
  2. Find the name of the top game in the Game genre 
  3. Level up 

Benchmark : 

Puzzle – word ARPI : 2.02$ ARPI

Top competitors : 


Word Collect

Words with Friends

Scrabble GO

Word Crush

Top Game design:

Flat : 2$ ARPI

2D Realistic : 1,77$ ARPI

2D Cartoon : 1,63$ ARPI

Game theme:

Tabletop : 1,92$ ARPI

Gameshow : 5,65$ ARPI

Ads Benchmark : 

Claire Rozain Gaming
Claire Rozain Gaming
Claire Rozain Gaming
Claire Rozain Gaming
Claire Rozain Gaming

Ads need to be simple, straight forward and creative ! 

b. User acquisition

Ads example : 

Channel : 

Facebook ads

Google ads 

Country : 

South Korea 

Best time to spend : 

c. Monetisation :

Estimated ARPI : 2 $

Monetisation : IAA only no IAP 


Inapp Push : Day +0 store review 

Outapp Push : D+3 if user inactive with incentive ; exeptional new level unlocked

Outapp Push : D+7 if user inactive + did not watched adds seasonality event + Interstitial ad.

Overall results : 

It was a sucess in south korea ; +300 installs and a really high retention that boosted the revenue provided by admonetisation. The banner format during the gameplay at the bottom as well helped a lot to deliver revenue and exploit the high time per session spent by the user. The Store was 4 stars and the DAU curves were healthy. 

I think words game are really popular but it is easily overcrowded with a lot of advertiser already into those market that would make hard to scale up. However, diversifying the game is a huge opportunity to penetrate a market and niche topic should definitely be more exploited. 

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