Play to download, are progressive install better for publisher?

Google for Games Summit unveiled the play as you download exciting feature to get progressive install experience ! This will allow users to play a short version of the game while downloading the content. Following up on progressive web app and instant app, Google is now pushing the mindset to load always faster in store !

Faster, better, stronger ?

This moove is fully align with google overall policy to make our world always faster and minimize the loading time as it is already the case on web (hello seo friends). Thus, the friction is dimunished and It enhances the user experience.

It is actually a good moove from the leader of PWA and instant app to keep a good traction in store and reduce the risks to have users going into hmtl5 / progressive web app experience rather than sticking in google play store.

What does this feature means for my new user acquisition flow?

This feature is a revolution. First impression is very often the first you let to your user ; and your gameplay in gaming should be your strength ; I am convinced it will enhance your open rate if you know what is your gameplay strength and display it accordingly.

Finding the best gameplay to use will be key ; and It is actually already the case in advertising. iOS 14 show it, less audience targeting, less easy strategy to get new user and only great creative that display strong gameplay convice and influence the algorithm ; so you need to provide an experience, a readable gameplay no-matter-what-is-your-game-genre.

Nowadays, you need to know your strength and aknowledge your ingame gameplay strength while you are advertising. Be sure if I play while I download a game without any juicy gameplay, I am not going to open your app, and you won’t have my ID, I won’t optin to push, you won’t get any « app opened » event from me.

But if my first gameplay experience is great, It will make me want to moove forward even if your tutorial and onboarding is painfull and It can actually diminish your churn.

play to download

Google Play

Better for the user but challenging for the publisher !

Getting the game experience faster is definitely great and is totally aligned with the ad experience trend we are seeing nowadays. Playable ads, cloud experience, play as you download ; your game is in first place !

Gameplay is the word of the year, but do you have the good one to convince your users? Do you acknowledge and test what is making your game make people play and even pay? Maybe you should.

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